Saturday, June 25, 2022

Song of the day Saturday 6/25/22

 I think I’ll go for a walk outside!

Oh wait it’s 108 degrees today. It’s a Sunshine Day!

How many of you have The Brady bunch album?

Just think TV has evolved even further along ! Color TV ! (YAY)  This song will take you back a little bit !

But back in the day when tv was invented it was only in Black & White. Here is another song by Eyal Golan talking about a black and white movie (Translation) סרט שחור לבן - Seret Shachor Lavan. He had hair back in 2011. I hope you enjoy the concert clip:

Here is one more in Eyal Golan's Living Room in 2020 singing a duet of Seret with Itay Levi:

The song is also a really fun Israeli partner dance by my friend Sholmo Maman:

If you are stuck at home watch some great black and white movies or television shows.

Have a great day all!!! 

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