Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Music of the day 8/9/22

Sorry it got posted a bit late!

Yesterday on my way to work I was listening to Radio Noshmim Mizrahit on the RLIVE app. And I heard a familiar song but it was covered by a different artist.

Here is another version sung by Liran Danino from Kochav Nolad TV show aka a Star is Born. Since Jewish people don’t worship idols that is why there is no Israel Idol TV show. If you want to hear the original Tslam version it can be found on YouTube

For the lyrics in English they can be found here.

In other news Olivia Newton-John passed away yesterday. Here is a tribute song to her:

Another version:

If you are in the mood for a little disco / Saturday Night Fever this will do it for you: 

This last song is for the birds. My mother hates birds. Every time lately I hear this song, I think about Moshe Eskayo an huge Israeli dance choreographer that passed away recently.

Be sure on Rosh Hashana that you sing and play this song while throwing your breadcrumbs (casting your sins away) wherever they will land. The song has nothing to do with Tashlich or Rosh Hashana but the birds enjoy the tune!

This is a live version and the singer / actress is in an upcoming movie.

I plan to Blog again soon!!