Friday, April 5, 2024

Songs for the week and Meet אלי משה Eli Moshe. !

Songs for the week and Meet  אלי משה Eli Moshe.  !

I would like to introduce you to an interesting performer. אלי משה Eli Moshe. 

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I met him on Facebook. He sings weekly "LIVE". He doesn't sing for 5 minutes. He sings for  2- 3 hours. I don't know anyone that can do that. Eli is so amazing.  This guy has created songs for Israeli celebrities and is so incredible. In my eyes he is the King of Israeli Music.  You can purchase his album on Apple Music. 

Our long-distance friendship is interesting. Each week I can't wait until he jumps online and starts performing. I never leave my seat and I have a front row ticket. 

One of the reasons I feel close to Eli is that he has the same values I have and it is "Always doing nice things and making people feel awesome!" My dad always told me to be helpful and do my best to make the world a better place.

Stay tuned to my blog for a go fund me to invite Eli to come to Arizona and if possible other states to sing for all of us. He is a big blessing, and he should be shared with the world!

Learn more about Eli here

Eli used to end his show singing this beautiful song. The translation is "I loved Everyone." Very True! It's great to have a cool friend like Eli Moshe that uplifts your spirits and heals the world with his beautiful singing one song at a time..

Song Translation done by Moshe Kaye