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Am Yisrael Chai ! (+ More)

Am Yisrael Chai ! (+ More)

From Israeli Radio to YouTube, I have been hearing this song.  I have probably heard this song over 10 - 20 times the last four days. It is following me everywhere.

I find it so fascinating that the singers and entertainers in Israel have come together to help with the morale of the public.  This is one this that is such an awesome amazing thing that they are doing. 

This clip is from a contestant on Hakochav Haba La' Erovizion (A Star is Born)

Here is the original with the subtitles in English. 

Here are a few more songs you might enjoy:

Rotem Cohen - Whoever Hates You Will Die
(Listen in the middle of the song for something familiar that might sound like a Disney song)


Noa Kirel's represented Israel in 2023 with this song. Here are 2 versions the original and the remastered version after October 7th:

Official Eurovision Video:

Remastered Unicorn song after October 7, 2023:

Israeli music star Noa Kirel was enlisted to reserve duty and recorded a theme song for Israel's special forces along with the IDF Choir:

The song "Out of Depression" was performed in a unique production by the Northern Command Band and singer Yagel Oshri:

The song expresses optimism and hope for better days. The choice to make the video emphasizes the power of culture and music to lift spirits, and their great impact on the morale and unity of our soldiers.

The lyrics in the last chorus emphasize the strength and support of the people of Israel in the security bodies, IDF commanders and soldiers:

"The north winds are blowing all the way to you

In your heart there will always be one melody. 

Hear the voice that will enlighten you

The entire nation of Israel stands with you."

Together Always:  

(Static & Agam (Lake) Bohbot - Together Always - The Official Video of the IDF (Iron Swords)
This song has been repurposed. It started out in 2020 as Katan Aleinu and has morphed into something necessary after October 7, 2023.

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