Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spiritual uplifting

Tonight as we head into Shavuot in these trying times. This should give many of you time to reflect upon things.

Listening on Zoom and attending events is fun. It would be great to meet with people in person. Talking on the phone / texting etc is good too but in moderation. I've been sitting in front of the computer a lot lately. I'm going to start to not use the computer once I get home from work every day. Moderation is good! 

I hope that after the Israeli Dance Instructors around the world go back to their sessions that they continue to share their dances on-line through facebook / zoom and let us all be a world-wide community that this pandemic has forced us into. I love it! 

It's really awesome to dance in Jerusalem from your own house on your computer!

Since this pandemic started i've been helping at the synagogue, dancing on zoom when the chromecast and internet cooperates. If I don't feel like dancing every dance or I feel the need to get some other work done I will always sit and listen to meetings and more. For my blogger I just figured out how to use the spellcheck.

I'm currently trying to clean up my website. If you would like to visit Elaine and myself on the website will be some of our favorite places you may want to make note of and visit.  Click this link soon.

My website needs some TLC. I haven't done much with it. Eventually if I have time I hope to re-open my troubleshooting computer business and also give people help when needed. I am still available to do this so if you do need my help please let me know.

When Blogging its a good thing to use Chrome with the Spell Check turned on! 

Small joke: I asked the Synagogue for next week off and they told me I can have it WITHOUT PAY!!! (LOL!)  🤣

My dad sent this to me and I felt it would be a nice thing to share with you all:

Earlier today a notification on my phone came up and this video is really great. Thank you to Sam Glaser! He is the best!

I've decided at this point if it's a busy place that I am going visit inside, I will be wearing a mask. Stay safe!

Have a nice weekend. 

Please be sure to check back and enjoy more. I may also do some editing on these posts. Please also feel free to comment. I would appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Covid 19 this week!

This stuff is good to know. The media should really stop scaring people:

Things about COVID 19 we know and don’t know!

Nobody seems to know anything!!!!

Wear a mask or don't wear a mask? What are your opinions. So far I haven't worn a mask but might do so because it protects everyone. It's crazy!

Mask or no mask be careful!

FYI if you order stuff look where it is coming from now! COVID-19 city in China! Do you really want to wait a long time to get this stuff? Would you wear an item from China?

Chinese products? Look where it is shipping from!

Stop buying products from China as much as you can. That might get the point across!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Moms! And why!

It kind of sucks when you call your mother on FaceTime and she says what are you eating you have a fat face. Well ok I could have been mean but I wasn't because I'm nice to everyone.
Moving along to yesterday. Elaine and I were visiting my sister Suzanne and Suzanne brings in her tablet with my mom on it she says hello to all of us but when she gets to me she says "Is your razor broken?" All I have to know is why say anything or nitpick. If you have to find something wrong don’t say anything. Keep these thoughts to yourself!  I believe it's a Jewish mother thing. It's crazy.

Do I Need a Shave?   Is my face FAT?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Stop the Violence! Can't we all get along and have some peace! / Happy Birthday to Pac-Man!

Can't we all get along and have some peace! Stop the Violence!

It's hard to believe that in the middle of the pandemic of Covid-19 that there have been not one but TWO shootings. One in Glendale, AZ and one in Corpus Christi, TX.

Lets all just CHILL!!! This is the time to be carefull. 

Also in the news of Pinball today IFPA is working on a plan to try and restart tournaments. It must be safe. Also the CDC is saying that the virus does not stay on surfaces so everyone worried for nothing.
Read the IFPA info here:

Covid-19 Update May 2020 and the Road Ahead

There was something new as of my blog about this that i just saw on their website:

IFPA to launch IFPA Challenge Rankings (ICR) on June 1st!

Welcome ICR: (IFPA Challenge Rankings).

I do hope that one of the arcades takes on this sort of play!

FYI Happy Birthday to my Buddy Pac-Man. Here is some great Information!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Losing a great companion Man's Best Friend

What another big bummer this week. Even though Mr. Lucky wasn't my dog directly I went to the obedience training with him and when I lived in California he wold come visit and stay with me often. Mr. Lucky the wonderdog was very smart and funny. He was the boss. I would sit on the floor and watch tv and he would sleep on the couch and wait for me to peel open the string cheese package and start playing with the string cheese. He also loved sunflower seeds. I used to open up the seeds and remove the shell and he would gobble up the seeds.

When we lived in Redondo Beach CA, the home i lived in was above a parking garage and there were no cars or other dangers. I would walk Lucky in the early morning before work and once we reached the top of the stairs I would take off the leash and he would go crazy and run to the front door of my house. He knew the way. He also used to have these great spaz attacks running all over really fast. It was always fun!

Today he passed away. I got to see him one more time on facetime during my lunch. My mom woke him up from his nap. 

I posted this on Mr. Lucky's (AKA LUCKY HECHT) facebook page.

On September 18th,2005 (a bright and sunny Sunday morning)  Rebecca Golding and Robert Hecht went down to a farmers market in Long Beach where a nice lady who operates Hearts for Hounds and saves WONDERFUL dogs from various animal shelters.  Rebecca was there to help me pick out our newest family member. On the way home we knew that Lucky was part of our family because he fell asleep on Rebecca's lap and just craved her attention. 

From Dr Bob: This is the last picture of our beloved family member (See Below), Lucky. He passed away today at 3:45pm. He was a cherished therapy dog and companion for 15 yrs. The loss to us is profound, but will be filled with Ruger and Riley, our great grand dogs. Our home is now a different place and will be filled by many memories of our cherished friend. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Now this hit me in the gut tonight

First of all blogging is good for the soul, cheaper than paying for therapy and sometimes good, bad or even sad at times. Well my friends the world lost a really great person today. Back in 1989 - 1991 I was the tech crew and more at Camp Alonim at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley. This job was one of those jobs that when you needed help and needd to solve a problem you think hey! Well here is the start of an ah-ha moment:

There was a homesick child around the same age as my brother Reed. He was having a hard time and the Camp Director and Assistant Camp director as well as counselors didn't know what to do. People made fun of him. I'm one that went to a different camp and people made fun of me and I really hated it. I know what he was going through etc. Well this kid was upset and somewhat homesick so I walked up to him and said don't worry buddy everything is going to be ok. The camp director had me sit with him and see what i can do. He eventually went back inside and ate his dinner and that is how the Tech Crew / Talent show etc pioneer program started. I will never forget all the really fun times for 3 years. Having these young kids helping me out running the Sound, Lightboard, Stage Hands, Microphones, Curtains etc. really helped them all forget that they were homesick! For shows and performances this was the only way to run things smoothly and usually they did. (Well you have a little backstory)

Its crazy how this virus has hit a small nerve with me that someone I knew that cared about others and had a heart of GOLD passed away from it. I've been in not a big shock about some of the celebrities that passed away recently from COVID-19 or old age. Ari Grossman was younger than me. Things in both of our lives were identical with him being made fun of and having problems just like I did growing up. We kept in touch mostly on facebook now and then. He had Mitochondrial Disease as well as other medical issues and passed away today from COVID-19. Rest in Peace Ari. You will be missed by many Alonimers. 😥

Ari Grossman - 
June 5, 1978 - May 16, 2020

Going out after the Stay at Home Orders

Going out in this day and age:

After work i went by a store and it's been a while since i've been out getting things i personally need and not having Elaine do "EVERYTHING" for me. She is really good at that! Teamwork Etc. My first place was vision works. All employees wearing Masks, Suits. I thought to myself "Where am I?" This may be the new norm for a while but it is very strange. It gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

Elaine and I were looking forward to going back to our favorite place. I have to tell you I was thinking should I go, should I stay home.

People where I work freak out over things and I think many of them are really over thinking this virus. The media sure has blown it up to smitherines. The media has made this into "ONLY CORONA NEWS, IF WE CAN'T DRINK IT ANYMORE LETS TALK ABOUT IT."

Great Song BREAK!

Well I went out to support one of my favorite local businesses tonight and I can tell you I made the right decision. It was nice to see many of my friends give them big hugs, elbows and more! Playing pinball may become a little bit different going forward for now. I'm very happy to see my favorite arcade Starfighters Arcade survive through the COVID - 19 Corona Virus Fiasco. After being there for a while and seeing everyone cleaning behind the players and with clorox cloths etc. I know for sure that this is the cleanest arcade in all of Arizona. If anyone would like to go to Starfighters with me I'm happy to bring you there any weekend! I told the owners and the people working there who are all good friends that they are doing it PERFECT!

Stay safe and just don't go everywhere all at once. Take baby steps. If you are sick stay home.

If you can't go into Costco without a mask are you going to wear one? I will definately wear one if I need to go into the store. Well I don't live in California anymore where this lady lives, but wow!!  Watch this for enjoyment ! I thank others that shared it with me!

Masks are they helpful or not. You Decide. (Stay Home Why??) Again you decide. Do you want to become agoraphobic ?? I hope this won't be the case.

One thing this virus has done is brought more communities together. Through Pinball, Israeli Dance Parties Online. (Enjoy other places and see what they are dancing)  I say keep some of these things. I hope that for Israeli Dance we can bring the internet community to our sessions. (Maybe something to consider!) Renting pinball machines great idea so you won't get bored of playing just one machine enjoy and experience different ones each month.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Being Thankful, Zoom Fun including Sam Glaser, Happy Birthday Al Ponce:

Thankful that many things in the state is finally opening. Spending time at home has been fun but we do love to get out and go play.

Israeli dance has changed to online zoom etc and it has been fun at times. Dancing around our minion in the house. Making people laugh and having fun.
Minion Israeli Dancing!

Saturday May 9th, 2020 Elaine and I invited Sam Glaser to join us on a synagogue zoom meeting and help celebrate the rabbi’s birthday. It was amazing hearing Sam sing his beautiful world song and one of his new quarantine songs. You can hear both of them here:

Beautiful World

If Only Love Spread Like a Virus • Coronavirus song by Sam Glaser and Anthony Marks

Sam Glaser is a musical inspiration and his Jewish and secular music is so fantastic. He even does weddings and bar mitzvah's. Sam sang some of his original tunes at our wedding and made it very magical for Elaine and myself.

I also want to wish one of my favorite people who is no longer on the earth. Al Ponce a Happy Birthday. We all miss you AL.

Monday, May 4, 2020


Welcome to my first post. I’m Jason Hecht and thank you for visiting. What I plan to do here is post information and rants and raves. One if my rants might be how people treat people naughty or nice.  I might make website link recommendations and review places and things. I have been planning on setting this up for some time but now it’s a reality.

Special thanks to who helped with quick questions since it has been a long time for me to edit the domain record. I do help resell new domain names.