Saturday, May 16, 2020

Going out after the Stay at Home Orders

Going out in this day and age:

After work i went by a store and it's been a while since i've been out getting things i personally need and not having Elaine do "EVERYTHING" for me. She is really good at that! Teamwork Etc. My first place was vision works. All employees wearing Masks, Suits. I thought to myself "Where am I?" This may be the new norm for a while but it is very strange. It gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

Elaine and I were looking forward to going back to our favorite place. I have to tell you I was thinking should I go, should I stay home.

People where I work freak out over things and I think many of them are really over thinking this virus. The media sure has blown it up to smitherines. The media has made this into "ONLY CORONA NEWS, IF WE CAN'T DRINK IT ANYMORE LETS TALK ABOUT IT."

Great Song BREAK!

Well I went out to support one of my favorite local businesses tonight and I can tell you I made the right decision. It was nice to see many of my friends give them big hugs, elbows and more! Playing pinball may become a little bit different going forward for now. I'm very happy to see my favorite arcade Starfighters Arcade survive through the COVID - 19 Corona Virus Fiasco. After being there for a while and seeing everyone cleaning behind the players and with clorox cloths etc. I know for sure that this is the cleanest arcade in all of Arizona. If anyone would like to go to Starfighters with me I'm happy to bring you there any weekend! I told the owners and the people working there who are all good friends that they are doing it PERFECT!

Stay safe and just don't go everywhere all at once. Take baby steps. If you are sick stay home.

If you can't go into Costco without a mask are you going to wear one? I will definately wear one if I need to go into the store. Well I don't live in California anymore where this lady lives, but wow!!  Watch this for enjoyment ! I thank others that shared it with me!

Masks are they helpful or not. You Decide. (Stay Home Why??) Again you decide. Do you want to become agoraphobic ?? I hope this won't be the case.

One thing this virus has done is brought more communities together. Through Pinball, Israeli Dance Parties Online. (Enjoy other places and see what they are dancing)  I say keep some of these things. I hope that for Israeli Dance we can bring the internet community to our sessions. (Maybe something to consider!) Renting pinball machines great idea so you won't get bored of playing just one machine enjoy and experience different ones each month.