Saturday, May 16, 2020

Now this hit me in the gut tonight

First of all blogging is good for the soul, cheaper than paying for therapy and sometimes good, bad or even sad at times. Well my friends the world lost a really great person today. Back in 1989 - 1991 I was the tech crew and more at Camp Alonim at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley. This job was one of those jobs that when you needed help and needd to solve a problem you think hey! Well here is the start of an ah-ha moment:

There was a homesick child around the same age as my brother Reed. He was having a hard time and the Camp Director and Assistant Camp director as well as counselors didn't know what to do. People made fun of him. I'm one that went to a different camp and people made fun of me and I really hated it. I know what he was going through etc. Well this kid was upset and somewhat homesick so I walked up to him and said don't worry buddy everything is going to be ok. The camp director had me sit with him and see what i can do. He eventually went back inside and ate his dinner and that is how the Tech Crew / Talent show etc pioneer program started. I will never forget all the really fun times for 3 years. Having these young kids helping me out running the Sound, Lightboard, Stage Hands, Microphones, Curtains etc. really helped them all forget that they were homesick! For shows and performances this was the only way to run things smoothly and usually they did. (Well you have a little backstory)

Its crazy how this virus has hit a small nerve with me that someone I knew that cared about others and had a heart of GOLD passed away from it. I've been in not a big shock about some of the celebrities that passed away recently from COVID-19 or old age. Ari Grossman was younger than me. Things in both of our lives were identical with him being made fun of and having problems just like I did growing up. We kept in touch mostly on facebook now and then. He had Mitochondrial Disease as well as other medical issues and passed away today from COVID-19. Rest in Peace Ari. You will be missed by many Alonimers. 😥

Ari Grossman - 
June 5, 1978 - May 16, 2020