Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spiritual uplifting

Tonight as we head into Shavuot in these trying times. This should give many of you time to reflect upon things.

Listening on Zoom and attending events is fun. It would be great to meet with people in person. Talking on the phone / texting etc is good too but in moderation. I've been sitting in front of the computer a lot lately. I'm going to start to not use the computer once I get home from work every day. Moderation is good! 

I hope that after the Israeli Dance Instructors around the world go back to their sessions that they continue to share their dances on-line through facebook / zoom and let us all be a world-wide community that this pandemic has forced us into. I love it! 

It's really awesome to dance in Jerusalem from your own house on your computer!

Since this pandemic started i've been helping at the synagogue, dancing on zoom when the chromecast and internet cooperates. If I don't feel like dancing every dance or I feel the need to get some other work done I will always sit and listen to meetings and more. For my blogger I just figured out how to use the spellcheck.

I'm currently trying to clean up my website. If you would like to visit Elaine and myself on the website will be some of our favorite places you may want to make note of and visit.  Click this link soon.

My website needs some TLC. I haven't done much with it. Eventually if I have time I hope to re-open my troubleshooting computer business and also give people help when needed. I am still available to do this so if you do need my help please let me know.

When Blogging its a good thing to use Chrome with the Spell Check turned on! 

Small joke: I asked the Synagogue for next week off and they told me I can have it WITHOUT PAY!!! (LOL!)  🤣

My dad sent this to me and I felt it would be a nice thing to share with you all:

Earlier today a notification on my phone came up and this video is really great. Thank you to Sam Glaser! He is the best!

I've decided at this point if it's a busy place that I am going visit inside, I will be wearing a mask. Stay safe!

Have a nice weekend. 

Please be sure to check back and enjoy more. I may also do some editing on these posts. Please also feel free to comment. I would appreciate it!

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