Monday, May 18, 2020

Losing a great companion Man's Best Friend

What another big bummer this week. Even though Mr. Lucky wasn't my dog directly I went to the obedience training with him and when I lived in California he wold come visit and stay with me often. Mr. Lucky the wonderdog was very smart and funny. He was the boss. I would sit on the floor and watch tv and he would sleep on the couch and wait for me to peel open the string cheese package and start playing with the string cheese. He also loved sunflower seeds. I used to open up the seeds and remove the shell and he would gobble up the seeds.

When we lived in Redondo Beach CA, the home i lived in was above a parking garage and there were no cars or other dangers. I would walk Lucky in the early morning before work and once we reached the top of the stairs I would take off the leash and he would go crazy and run to the front door of my house. He knew the way. He also used to have these great spaz attacks running all over really fast. It was always fun!

Today he passed away. I got to see him one more time on facetime during my lunch. My mom woke him up from his nap. 

I posted this on Mr. Lucky's (AKA LUCKY HECHT) facebook page.

On September 18th,2005 (a bright and sunny Sunday morning)  Rebecca Golding and Robert Hecht went down to a farmers market in Long Beach where a nice lady who operates Hearts for Hounds and saves WONDERFUL dogs from various animal shelters.  Rebecca was there to help me pick out our newest family member. On the way home we knew that Lucky was part of our family because he fell asleep on Rebecca's lap and just craved her attention. 

From Dr Bob: This is the last picture of our beloved family member (See Below), Lucky. He passed away today at 3:45pm. He was a cherished therapy dog and companion for 15 yrs. The loss to us is profound, but will be filled with Ruger and Riley, our great grand dogs. Our home is now a different place and will be filled by many memories of our cherished friend. 

From Jason: Lucky had a message that he wanted me to share with you all. He wanted to personally thank Jason for making him a celebrity dog. Lucky was honored to have a facebook page that he hadn't used for a while since he had been having some trouble with his eyesite. He loved it when he had a website but it was too expensive for him to keep and he didn't have any more allowance to spend on it. He kept on hiding bones in the backyard to sell later to pay for it. Lucky also says he loved it for while his father Dr. Bob was away that Jason took good care of him feeding him string cheese and sunflower seeds. 

To visit Lucky's old website in the archives CLICK HERE

Last Picture of Robert Hecht and Lucky Hecht

Lucky Hecht
September 18th, 2005 - May 18, 2020

More Pictures From Jason's Iphone:

Elaine and I plan on getting a dog some day but need to be sure that we will be home enough to take care of our own fur child. We also will have to block off the golf green / turf in the backyard so it won't get ruined by the dog.