Thursday, October 13, 2022

What happens when a song gets stuck in your head! Oy!

What Happens When a song gets stuck in your head?

OMG it happens to me sometimes.

One thing is you play it on your ipod or phone over and over, but you never get sick 😫 of hearing it.

This song Tagidi Ki got stuck in my head. The ooo's and aaah's are addicting. I have been humming the tune for the past three days. Why? I don't know.

Here is the original song sung by Shomo Artzi:

Here is Eyal Golan's version:

I remember learning the dance to this so long ago. Here it is demonstrated and also danced:

What does the song mean?

The song translates into English as "Tell me." It is a very sad song 🎵,  but to me I love the tune in of the music from flutes and more. I really do love the many versions I've been able to find.

Here is the translation from lyrics translate.

Here is a very interesting video that I found posted by אלי משה (Eli Moshe)

Click here to view it!

Here is Orel Ben-Shushan singing it. I found this by accident.

So tell me your thoughts in the comments!