Sunday, June 19, 2022

Songs of the day 6/19/22 Father’s Day

Since today is Father’s Day I figured this year share with you all Shlomi Shabbat and his song “Abba”. It’s a great song so enjoy the video and the English translation. 

Haim Israel sings a song / prayer yit'gadal v'yit'kadash (The mourners kaddash) Its his very special version. I personally find this version very comforting. Meir Shem-Tov made a really beautiful dance to it. I haven't danced it in a long time.

Here is a bonus song Malachim (Angels) by Haim Israel. Another one of his big hit songs. Here is the translation.

Read below on this other song and enjoy the music (So soothing): תן לי לדבר איתך / מילים של תפילה:

I love to find concert footage with these Israeli Singers and share. We all love a good concert now and again. I found 3 songs my Haim Israel that i wanted to share below. A Live version of Yit'gadal V'yit'kadash / Malachim / Ten Li L'daber Itcha  תן לי לדבר איתך (I couldn't find anything about the song anywhere until finalizing my writing) This new song also goes by a possibly different name than what he announced on his concert (מילים של תפילה). I promise to do some future research into the mystery of the song. What I did research is it translated to let me talk to you.

I edited this part of the concert out so you can all enjoy it.

If you want to watch the full concert go here.

I dedicate this video to all those who have lost their father in the past or even recently and are remembering them by celebrating fathers day today. 

Pics of my dad (one of the pics with our best buddy Lucky):

Have a great fathers day!

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  1. Very good tribute for Father’s Day. Great job jason.


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