Friday, June 24, 2022

Song of the day Friday 6/24/22

Todays song of the day is Rona! 

Here are 4 reasons why I like this song:
  • It could be a persons name
  • It rhymes with Corona
  • It has a nice Israeli dance to it!
  • I found someone using the Rona melody and changing the words to Lecha Dodi ! (A version not to be missed! Watch and enjoy!)
Translated Lyrics and other information!

Here is a music video of Samir Shukri singing his song Rona.

This version not so special but it's funny so I included it:

Rona Circle Dance by Sefi Aviv (Created 1987)

Pièce de résistance:

Rona melody sung to Lecha Dodi. (If you need info on Lecha Dodi please go back to Friday June 17th, 2022's song of the day. I found this by accident and just couldn't wait til Friday rolled around to share it with you:

Here is a Shabbat playlist to enjoy!


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