Sunday, June 12, 2022

Song of the Day 6/12/22


Today's "Song of the day" is an interesting and funny one and hopefully cheers up those that love musicals.  

I was driving home Friday night from the arcade and I was listening the the RLive App. Radio Lev Hamedina 91 FM in Israel was doing a children's special. This song came on the radio and I just enjoyed it all the way home. I was thinking to myself that I had to share the song with you all that read my blog. 

If you love musicals I found the greatest archive: Youtube of Musicals In Hebrew. There are so many and wow! 

Hopefully you are enjoying what you are reading when I post things. Please share with others.


  1. Musicals, in Hebrew? Novel....
    We did a parody of My Fair Lady at Camp Ramah... long long ago far far away....

  2. Great blog story.


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