Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Song for Tuesday / Wednesday 6/22 - 6/23

Well if you don’t have anything to say don’t blog, That is why I missed yesterday, 

Warning don’t miss any of my posts. Great posts coming!

Tuesday June 21at was the official day of summer  Name one thing people love to do in the summer. Give up?


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Another cassette I purchased when visiting Israel in the 80’s was Modern Talking. It’s a German band and huge in Israel in the 80’s.

This clip (above) I just learned about from a zoom lecture and I had no idea it even existed. it’s a parody of the modern talking song brother Louie. It’s about Barbecuing by Yair Nitzani. He was the a keyboardist and singer in the Israeli band T-Slam. He was the guy with the faucet on his forehead.

Here is Brother Louie original:

Happy summer! 

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