Saturday, June 18, 2022

Weird but interesting song of the day 6/18/22 and something else (Another song perhaps?)

I've been a little bit busy. I did want to post a quick song of the day. It's weird but interesting.

Keep the comments coming!

Ok so I love the Song Zohi Yaffo by Avi Toldano.  Avi sings many of our famous Israeli Dances.  I couldn't find the correct version of the dance to display today but might later. Every time I hear this version of the song it reminds me of the Wonder Woman Theme Song.  I found this version on youtube.

And speaking about Wonder Woman (uh oh) 

I might have accidentally groped her last night at the arcade. I've gotten away with it a few times before (since she is Israeli). Last night she threw me across the room and I'm lucky I didn't wind up in the Negev! 
I thought it was a mitzvah to do such a thing on Shabbat, but a friend reminded me that it's only a mitzvah with your wife! (Sorry Elaine!)

I promise you will all enjoy my father's day post !


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