Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Song and Dance of the day 6/15/22

Today’s is a double. Just like the other day you get a song and a dance. I like that when it works! 

Ofra Haza sang this the best. Ofra was one of Israel’s iconic singers and she is missed often. I listen to a lot of her music and we dance to a lot of it too!

Sorry I couldn’t find a version of the song in Japanese. I’ve heard it in Japanese before.  I’ll try and find one later. It’s great in Japanese too.

Thank you to my friend Moshe who translated the song. You can find the translation at lyricstranslate.

The dance version I like to do is by Marco Ben-Shimon. I remember a long time ago Marco’s dances were taught at a dance camp. Soon I will share another of my favorite songs that have a dance to it. 

FYI I have too many favorites.

To learn this version of the dance directly from from Marco I have provided a video below.

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