Monday, June 6, 2022

Todays song of the day 6/6/22

Todays song is a cover song sung by artist Miri Aloni:





Hineh veretet be'orpi shuv ya'avor
eichah dibrah ha'ahavah shel pa'am
ba'ir Yerushalaim ish tahor tahor
Ahuv ahav ka'uv ka'av beza'am
vezehu davar ahavato
oleh balehavah
asher sham'ah nesichato
le'ah ha'ahuvah.

At le'ati ahavati lamrot retzonah
mi yiten yacholti lasur lema'onah
ani ohev otach kol kach
ani noshek otach kol kach
lu ahavtini le'ati
chayay lach umoti.

Vehu amar lah at shochenet bil'vavi
vatzar alai beitah ut'shukoteiha
chatam belahat itamar hu ben avi
shalosh shanim bachu'ha bacha eleilha
bikesh lasim ketz lechayav
be'ekdacho hakar
veshar lah nachal dma'otav
veshar veshar veshar.

At le'ati ahavati lamrot retzonah...

Le'ah sogeret umesugeret bemach'bo
pacham se'ar roshah tzachot paneiha
nishba hu lahmit dmutah bil'vavo
bish'vuato nichshal veshav eleiha
ve'az kichlot shalosh shanim
halchah hi acharav
me'az lachtu pa'amonim
nog'nim lah et shirav.

At le'ati ahavati lamrot retzonah...

I feel a shudder at the back of my neck 
Thinking about how Love once used to speak.
In the city of Jerusalem there was a very pure man,
Deeply in love and in a great pain of angst.
And these were the words of his love: 
A flaming love, 
Which was heard 
By his beloved princess, Leah 

“I loved my Leah – in spite of her will;
Oh, how I wish I could cross her threshold.
I love you so much!
I yearn to kiss you!
If only you would love me, my Leah,
I would be yours in life and death.”

And he said to her: “You dwell in my heart”
And he stalked her house and her desires,
Signed his letters in passion, Itamar Ben Avi,
And cried for her incessantly three years.
He threatened to take his own life
With his cold pistol.
And sang to her a river of tears
He sang, and sang and sang:

“I loved my Leah – in spite of her will;

Leah is locked and indrawn in her hideaway,
With her coal-colored hair and pure complexion. 
He vowed to obliterate her image in his heart,
But his promise failed, and he returned to her.
And sometime after three years
At long last she went after him.
Since then when he walks the bells
Ring his poetry to her.

“I loved my Leah – in spite of her will;

It’s a nice dance. Other artists sing the song.  

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