Friday, July 1, 2022

Song of the day 7/1/22 (Corona)

Oy Ve!

You can believe what you want. But again this isn’t going away lightly! The numbers in Arizona put us in the read Believe it or don’t believe it! Still caution is good but do what you want not as you get told!! Uncertainty is definitely in the air! 

If you are sick don’t get a Covid test! That one good piece of advice!

The only way to properly test for Covid is like this! It is the only accurate way to get a Covid test and I’ll bet your bottom dollar it feels better too! Watch the video on the link!

If you go to a synagogue try to speak to god without a mask on! Too bad our synagogue and most are requiring masks. Hello rabbis in rabbi land God can’t hear you with a mask on!

Todays song is by Sagiv Cohen who I have personally met a few times at various dance camps around the US! Great singer with great songs. This song is a bit unique. 

Version with English translation:

Here is a precious little gift that Israel hour Radio DJ Josh Shron found. Enjoy! Note there might be some fireworks in one of my next blog posts.

Have a fantastic start to your weekend.

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