Monday, July 4, 2022

4th of July 2022

Happy 4th of July 2022 (From Muppets to Minions!)

Well at least today was a sleep in day ! YAY!!! 

What does one think about on 4th of July besides a day off work?  


I always think of this one song and the word of the day:

ZIKUKIM = Fireworks !!!

Moshe Peretz sings this lovely song "Zikukim" (See lyrics translation) all about fireworks:

I just recently heard about a Muppet Show pinball machine in a group on facebook.. How cool this will be. I know Elaine won't ever allow us to own one but I will work on convincing her!

I hope that I can edit the music in the pinball machine. It would definitely include this one:

To keep us in is a good mood we all need to take a bath with our rubber duck ! (Listen carefully!)

This one is for all of those that like to have some fun which is what we are going to do in a little bit:

(Song by Itai Levy)
איתי לוי & סטפן לגר & עידו שוהם - אפטר אמאל'ה

Have some fun !

Here is a little more info on the song.

Have a great day and enjoy!!!! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition!

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