Monday, July 25, 2022

Interesting Song of the week of 7/25/22

I recently attended a zoom lecture about Israeli Zionist music. A few of the songs were great songs and some that I recognized. Other songs were a bit scary towards the end of the lecture. Thank you to for the inspiration in writing this. 

One song which has been brought up a few times in the last 2 years is this song by Teapeacks / Tipex. (Various spelling).

Tipex is a correction fluid (whiteout):

Tipex gained popularity by combining israeli music with light humorous hints. 

Interesting website about the button

Tipex represented israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Push The Button.

It’s getting to be a scary world let’s hope that someone stupid doesn’t push the button! 

From Eurovision video:

Lyrics translated if needed.

Here is the Wikipedia info on the song.

The song finished 24th in the Eurovision semifinals.

So tell me would you push the button?

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