Friday, May 24, 2024

Happy Friday + Other Fun things to see and do!



Haven't seen many comments here on the blog. I do hope you all are keeping a close eye on me!  Just fun and work and more fun.  I'm taking a small break from a few things and catching my breath to see what I can get accomplished in the next few weeks.

Here is a good one to get Shabbat started! Ofra Haza singing Shabbat Malka (The Sabbath Queen!) This song has a fun Israeli line dance that goes along with it!

Four Israeli artists were forced to cancel a concert in the United States this week after they were declined visas because of objections to one of their hit songs, Israel’s Channel 12 News reported over the weekend. Read more HERE.

Here is one of the songs in question:

We will never forget! Keep your hopes up! - Read article here!

Keep praying!

We wanted to share this inspirational music video produced in the Caesarea Amphitheatre by over 1000 Israelis, some who are families of the hostages held by Hamas Terrorists.  Please share this powerful concert and comment below to show your support for the victims and hostages!

Moment Magazine interviews Matisyahu!

View the article

A little more Eurovision fun! (Eretz Nehederet TV Show!)

Enjoy your Weekend! (3 Days!!!!!!)

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