Sunday, May 19, 2024

Israeli Super Hero and Starfighters Arcade !

Epic things are happening in the world. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of antisemitic things going on at the same time.

The Scottsdale Jewish Community center held an event for Israel Independence day and this is what happened. Video link (Sorry about that) Could only put the link because it can't be viewable outside of YouTube!

The world is praying that the hostages taken October 7th, 2023 will return safe.  In Israel there was a Rally on May 18th and the Queen of Eurovision came out swinging and praying with her vocal chords.

Here is the undisputed Queen of Eurovision singing the real song October Rain.

Read this great article of what went on before Eurovision with the song choice.

Can't wait for the expansion of Starfighters Arcade to be complete!

Check up on the latest right here:

Click Link Above to see what this is!

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