Saturday, May 4, 2024

Od to Little Big Planet, Video Games, Prayers, Israeli Music and Claw Machines !

Do you know who this guy is?

Let me introduce you to Sackboy from the video game Little Big Planet.  This used to be Sony's prized possession.  Not anymore! Read more here and watch the videos below.

Is Little big planet officially dead?

Here is a video how Sony Destroyed their own legacy:

Here is another user's thought about Little Big Planet:

Here is my friend Rick Recht singing all about rainbows. Sackboy would have loved to sing along. I'm sure Rick might have played this game.

Here are some Jewish Artists in prayer:

While we are talking about video games, I think showing this next music video is very appropriate. Here is Ella Li singing This is ME.  She must love video games. (Great K-Pop Song!) Read more here.

Every time I see a crane / claw / suction cup machine, I keep remembering how i actually won a David Broza CD from a suction cup type crane machine.  (The only time I ever won something from one of these!) Below is a picture of what I won!

Here is David Broza singing Things Will Get Better:

If you enjoyed this, you could Download a FREE album!

Here is one more really awesome version of V'he'Sheamda. This reminds me a little bit about being in High School Band:

Let's keep praying for the release of the hostages:


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Here is a long video of LBP In Israel (Warning it is long!):

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