Saturday, May 18, 2024



Someone please help me here ! I've been buried alive! Lots of projects and fun.

I'm getting started on the next FJMC presentation. I'm still on a big high from the last one.  Again for those that missed it you can find it on my website . You will need create a login if it is your first time.  It may take a day or so for me to verify you but once you are verified it will be good for a long time. (All of this is FREE!) 

It's a lot of fun to just share all of this with whomever wants to watch and enjoy. This has been brining be a lot of joy for the last few years. 

Here are some more videos, articles etc. related to Eurovision 2024

Things to listen to this weekend. (Stay cool inside!)

Hurricane - Eden Golan (cover by Shiraz Shukrun) || הוריקן - קאבר

50 Seconds of Madness’: Behind the Scenes at Eurovision 2024 (An interesting video showing what goes on behind the scenes during Eurovision!)

Read all about the hatred Israel went through in the Eurovision Contest. It's "BE NICE FRIDAY" ! I made that up! It's kind of cool though! I celebrated "Be Nice Friday" all day!

Original October rain song:

Here is a musical journey at the Central Synagogue spanning Israel's 76 years with Shira Kobren and her band as they perform songs that encapsulate the triumphs and challenges of each decade. Cantor Jenna Pearsall and other special guests will add their voices to our celebration of Israel's music and culture.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

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