Sunday, May 12, 2024

Eurovision Recap / Yom HaZikaron & Yom Ha'Atzmaut (All in one place!)


First let's talk about Eurovision:

Below is Miki Guberman singing the original submission to Eurovision before the song was called Hurricane.  It was originally titled October Rain due to the attacks on October 7th, 2023. The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) had Israel scrambling to change the song. The song went through a few re-writes. Read more here!

Here are the lyrics comparison / changes:

It was so much fun to learn more about Eurovision. We never voted before this year. Note that countries are not allowed to vote for their own country! (Yes we are allowed to vote even if we are in the USA! - See more below...)

Congrats to Eden Golan for powering through showing awesome sportsmanship and pride for Israel, especially when the crowd booed. It really gave her the fuel to power through the song.

** FYI if you missed my presentation and or want to view the bonus materials contact me.

Here is a video of the Semi Finals:

Originally, I could not find a video of the Eurovision Finals. The version i did find was taken down off of Youtube. Here is a video of the final (Listen to how terrible the crowd was) "Eden is a real hero":

It was fun participating in various ways. One of my favorite ways to participate was by actually voting! Unfortunately, you do have to pay to vote, but it was well worth the price to help boost Eden and Israel along, and I really think it helped!

Here is a very special breakdown of Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest from 1973 - 2024 (Very Interesting!)

Here is a breakdown of the entire competition. You can definitely search through and find some good statistical information.

Here is additional reading on the 2024 competition.  Also included is information about the Netherlands participation in the 2024 Finals of the competition.

It did take me over 5 months to put the presentation together. If you are interested in watching the presentation I gave all about Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest / with a lot of extra materials. It's the presentation and also the Slides / Bonus materials, please visit my website (about page / contact form) and send me a note. I'm happy to share it with you (FREE)

Jumping forward to Sunday. In Israel at sundown the sirens blare and people prepare of Yom HaZikaron (Israel Memorial Day). Tomorrow after sundown Israel transitions into Yom Ha'Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day). This year because Israel is still at war things will definitely be different. Here are some videos:

I leave you with one thought and the song of the year originally sung by Eyal Golan. This is performed by the uniform band.

Eden Golan Welcomed back to Israel after a great performance at Eurovision. (Read and watch more!)

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