Friday, June 7, 2024

Flash Gordon vs Elvis ! and much more....

Flash Gordon vs Elvis ! (who will win?)

For those of you that don't know the Flash Gordon Pinball Machine is a tough one to play.. Maybe the next time I play it I might need this song in my ear (Once you get past the Israeli Kemit the Frog, Ofra will sing you the song): 

Here is a tutorial on how to play:

I can't wait for this weekend!!! Lets play some Pinball and check out the expanded section of Starfighters Arcade. Check out the latest video:

I didn't know Elvis Sings in Hebrew (AMAZING!)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend. Here is one of my favorites I hear every Friday morning on Radio Lev Hamedina. Benny Dekel has a great show called the "Hall of Fame" and he always ends his show with this song featuring Idan Yaniv:

Time to relax and get some sleep. What is going on here? 


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