Sunday, June 30, 2024

Summer is here ! (OH BOY!)


My friend Lior Miara sang his heart out in Israel welcoming summer with some great tunes of Eyal Golan and others. This video is sponsored by the Pepto Bismol outfit he is wearing. 🤣

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Here is Lior Miara's message:
"My dear friends, now you can announce that the summer season has officially 😎 opened."

Even though the holiday of Passover has finished for 2024, here is a song that we will continue to sing until all of the hostages are freed and we can achieve peace in the Middle East! (How many Israeli Artists can you recognize in this video?)

IDF combat officer Capt. Ron Sarfati was murdered on October 7 in the Nova Festival massacre. Her parents, Limor and Erez Sarfati, say: "What Ron wants us to do to commemorate her is to organize a nature party, and for our older social circles, the parents, to come to her along with her social circles, most of whom belonged to the scene, and for us to be together there. We assume that this event will provide Ron with everything she wants – both joy, pride in us and a sense of being meaningful." 

Listen to Next to your lover written and sung by my friend Sagiv Cohen:

I give you today a gift of a nice concert I've been watching. (Listen to the crowd and how they really get into singing along with the artist!) Some great songs with Eyal Golan.

I'll never forget the one Israeli concert I went to with my dad.  It was Eyal Golan / Sarit Hadad singing in Los Angeles. My dad wasn't all into the Israeli Music scene, but he did have a good time that night. (Such a good memory).

Learn some Hebrew Slang:

FYI I'm slowly working on another presentation to do with the FJMC. It is going to take me some time to get it all together. Please stay tuned and subscribe to this blog. Hopefully I'll have time for a 4th of July post.

In case I don't have a chance to blog on July 4th, remember your pets during the 4th of July:

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