Friday, November 3, 2023

Shma Elohai (A Few Prayers) and more. (Israel Needs your Prayers!)

This is a song by Sarit Haddad, but this version it isn't her singing it. This song is such a powerful song. "Shma (Hear) Israel my God," This is a very appropriate song right now because of everything going on in Israel. There is also a dance to this song by one of my favorite choreographers Shmulik Gov-Ari.

Here is Cantor Azi Schwartz singing Shema Yisrael. When the Heart Cries:

Here is Sarit Haddad singing it (Enjoy the Subtitles):

Here is one more Video of Sarit Haddad singing the same song (3 Times is better than 1). Pay attention to the audience how they are singing with her and how emotional she got during the performance. 

Here is the lyrics translation

Here is another song (One Nation) also represents Shma Israel:

Other Videos I found this week to share:

Tamir Grinberg ✖️ Shiri Maimon - COMING HOME (For the Israelis kidnapped by Hamas). It is nice once in a while to hear Shiri Singing in English. Such a very emotional video. We need songs like this to help Israel and the world feel better:

One of my favorite songs usually sung by Shlomi Shabbat. Here are the lyrics translated.

Here is another one Featuring Shlomi Shabbat and Ze Hu Ze. This is a MUST SEE !!!: From Facebook 

Speaking about Shlomi Shabbat he came out with a new song this week. Its a bit tough but it's a nice song. (From within your suffering you shall live). Special Thanks to Moshe Kaye for translating the song.

A Prayer for the Soldiers Fighting over in Israel:

Here is a prayer for the Israeli Soldiers. A few of my friends are serving in the Israeli Army. I pray every day for them. Video by Shai Abramson.

The composer, arranger and conductor Arie Lebanon passed away this week at the age of 91. Lebanon, the creators of the Hebrew singer, composed and processed "Erev Ba" - which won the first prize at the First Singer Festival, held in 1960. Lebanon is also responsible, among other things, for "The Three Answers Singer", "Lifa HaGalon" and for more than 1,500 versions for theater, cinema and concert hall.

Here is Shoshana Damari Singing Erev Ba our tribute to Arie Lebanon  This is one of the always played Israeli Dance songs. It can be done as a circle dance for beginners or a partner dance. Same version either way !

What I've been hearing on the Israeli Radio is a lot of slow and sad songs and that is what Israel needs right now. Hopefully soon there will be a miracle that will lift our spirits. (Lets hope before Hanukkah!)

This is an event that happened in Times Square. (AM Yisrael Chai!) A little upbeat and we need it now! For those of you that don't know what Am Yisrael Chai Means Click here!

Here is to a healthy and safe shabbat. (With a little bit of Humor!) We all need that now. 

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