Wednesday, November 22, 2023

חג הודיה שמח Happy Thanksgiving! Great Videos and more!

חג הודיה שמח

What does that Mean ?  What does that Say?

Here is a perfect answer:  "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!"

Here is Sagiv Cohen Singing about Thanksgiving:

Here is another version of the song by Sagiv Cohen:

One thing I miss is Israeli Dancing in a big group the night before Thanksgiving.  I did find a dance that you can all learn for Thanksgiving. After you eat your Turkey and all of the fixing get up and dance!

One more Important Dance (Dedicated to the hostages) May they come home safe!

Here is Debbie Friedman's Thanksgiving Song ! (Everyone's Favorite!)

Some Parodies: 

Here is some interesting information fun and games for your Thanksgiving Dinner:

Also, you should download the booklet: Print the Booklet out and share!

Make sure you learn to Sing Hatikvah like this (Listen Carefully):

Join me and the FJMC on Sunday, December 3, 2023

8pm ET | 7pm CT | 6pm MT | 5pm PT

Hanukkah Music and Songs in Tribute to Israel

The next presentation will definitely get you into the spirit of Hanukkah.  The session will include hits performed by Six 13, Sam Glaser, Shlock Rock, Sarit Haddad, and more. Towards the end of the presentation, we will also focus and share some songs in a tribute to Israel and the people protecting our homeland. 

FJMC Webinars are offered free of charge to our members and guests. 

Be Safe and Enjoy the weekend !

Did you miss the presentation?  Watch it today for FREE at

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