Sunday, October 22, 2023

Ad Sof Ha-Olam - and More + an Announcement !

AD-Sof Ha'olam (Until the end of the World)

Here are 3 different recordings of the Song Ad-Sof Ha'olam.  Why did i pick this song? The song is one I've been hearing a lot on the radio and recently I used it in one of my presentations. It has a really beautiful Israeli Dance to it by Gadi Bitton. This song has also been in the drafts of my blog collecting a little dust for a while. I figured now is the time for others to explore the different versions of the song.

See the Dance:

Here is the translation.

I've been listening to a lot of Sarit Haddad recently and whenever war or Israel needs a pick-me-up song. Josh Shron plays this on Israel Hour radio.  Take a listen and enjoy:

Katan Aleinu:

Katan Aleinu (קטן עלינו) is a charity single written and composed by Israeli singer Static (one half of pop duo Static & Ben El Tavori) and his producer Yarden 'Jordi' Peleg. The song features 40 Israeli singers and was written and recorded in response to the 2019–2021 COVID-19 pandemic. You can find the original all around but here is Rega singing it with all of the soldiers. Lately a lot of videos have featured soldiers due to the Israeli / Gaza war.

Chazak Ameinu - We stand as one:

This original English/Hebrew anthem recorded by over 50 Jewish Music artists speaks for Israeli citizens to be strong despite the ongoing violence perpetrated by Arab terrorists. Recorded in 2006 the song was served as an uplifting source of inspiration for all who heard it. It was created in memory of the fallen people after the Sbarro Incident. I recently heard the song on Chagigah Radio.

Hanan Ben-Ari (Homeland):

Brand new song (Homeland) written for the IDF soldiers by Hanan Ben-Ari. (Enjoy the English Translation)

Here is a video mashup created by Benny Friedman (It's long but well worth the listen)

Additional Information:

Stay Tuned the first week in December 2023 for a very special Hanukkah presentation. (1 - In-Person from Arizona and 1- Zoom.),  

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