Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Songs for thought and prayer for this week!


Peace in the Middle East:

Wow. It's been an incredibly bad weekend. All this fighting and violence needs to stop. This is so horrible and very sad. Many Singers and artists have taken to social media to keep everyone informed. Israeli dancing all over the world has been canceled for the next week or more. If we cancel our events they win and I wish and hope this won't happen.

I heard this song on two different programs the last few days and think its a good share.

Here is a song that was performed at Eurovision 2009. It features Achinoam Noni and Mira Awad, Gil Dor. The song came in 16th place. 

We need a hero at this point! This video is pretty cool and enjoyable by all:

I may have shown this next video before but now is the time to show it again. It represents the Jewish people all over:

Here is a little Yiddish music dedicated to the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is for winning 3 games in a row to sweep the Dodgers and make it to the NLS.   I hope you like it:

Here is a link to more.

One of my favorite Singers Debbie Friedman has some great songs to pray for peace which is what we really need right now:

Lechi Lach:

Oseh Shalom:

Another Oseh Shalom:

The most important song is Israel's National Anthem (The Song Of Hope) dedicated to all the IDF soldiers that protect the land of Eretz Israel:

Be sure to visit my website for more interesting things. It is constantly evolving. Here are some Israel resources courtesy of USCJ.

Please help Israel out by prayers, donations, and more prayers.

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