Friday, July 21, 2023

We need your help (the earth needs to make some water! ) And Other News 7/21/23

If you share this song with 100 💯 people and or more we might have a chance at this. 

If you know the dance it even has more power and that’s a rain dance.

This song is actually a harvest song, and we are praying for the rain to water the fields.

When we have danced the dance in the past minutes to hours later a huge storm came through. I'm hopeful that if we share the music and dance to thousands of people and we start listening and dancing this dance that the sky will open up and rivers of water will come down.  (This will only happen if you share the song and dance though! 

Here is Yaffa Yarkoni singing it:

Here is Ofra Haza singing it:

Here is the original song (not edited to Israeli dance!):

Watch the Dance:

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