Saturday, August 5, 2023

Feeling Hungy ? Song of the Week... 8/5/23

Feeling Hungry ?

As I'm sitting here in front of the computer trying to get something done. My stomach is saying eat. My mind is thinking what my mom said to me a while ago, You're Fat (which isn't nice for a mom to say to her son! I'm trying to get something done but again sometimes you need to go with the flow and try harder to get things done. Get inspired a little bit! I found this song posted on the Israel Hour Community page and decided to share it with you as the song of the week,

Whether you go to Subway, Firehouse Subs, Jersey Mikes, or whatever sub shop, just think about the omelet sandwich (very popular in Israel). (Mom i'm not going to watch my cholesterol this time. If I have the opportunity I'm EATING IT !

Here is more about the song if you would like to read it. 

The free membership section on is calling your name. Want to see past Israeli Music presentations (Some even have the zoom recording). All it takes is signing up and you can enjoy. I'm always looking for feedback as well. Please don't forget to take a look.

We can never find enough songs that say thank you so here is one I just found a few minutes ago:

Have a good week! (Go get a sandwich! Remember to say thank you to the person making it!


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