Sunday, July 2, 2023

Travel, friends & FJMC ! Plus awesome Israeli music! July 2nd 2023

Todays songs are about travel and finally meeting people in person (Awesome People!)

This song by Nurit Galran is one of my favorites. Here is the translation. Play it everywhere you go! 😀

Ok now for one more song this week and some information, but first here is a quick story:

On Wednesday Elaine and I traveled to our first FJMC Convention (Federation of Jewish Men's clubs). What an exciting weekend. We learned all about the grace after meals and how it really should be done. One big reason we went is because my dad started an FJMC Western club in Palos Verdes, CA and got me involved where I could assist and learn. I asked a few people if he ever went to a convention they said no. I do know he went to a western retreat,  This men's club convention rejuvenated and really got me thinking about things.  The spirituality the entire convention was incredible! It totally represents Jewish people as a whole family. FJMC IS AWESOME!  Connect and learn and learn a lot!

We didn’t get to go Wednesday night to a pinball tournament. Reason being it was an hour away! Instead we had a great dinner with new friends. We also got some great exercise walking, talking, and shvitzing! 

One thing that happened today is that I got to meet an awesome individual and the person that inspired me to present and sometimes Kvetch about Israeli music. I don't remember when but I found israel hour radio online a very long time ago and never stopped listening. 

Throughout 2020 - 2022 I listened at my lunch hour to a special afternoon broadcast geared to keep our music kehilla together. That special afternoon session ended and even more awesome things happened.... Josh Shron interviewed me back in December on zoom due to the distance we live from each other and it was an awesome experience. If anyone has a playlist they want to share reach out to Josh !

Today while in Philadelphia Josh was talking and helping another club out at a program fair.  A few of the locals, Elaine and myself spent some great quality time with Josh singing and enjoying each other's company and talking about how to effectively share israeli music with others. Finally after talking over zoom the last few years it was possible to meet in person. 

I hope you enjoy this song. It translates to good people. This may be a different singer than what you are all used to but it's a great version. 

Save the date July 16th (Sunday) for the next installment of the Israeli music affinity group
8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM pacific
 (Pay attention to the time!) 

Take care and I promise to post again soon.  Remember to be positive and be kind to other people.

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  1. I like this song it made remember our trip to Norway and New Zealand


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