Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Songs of the week! 6/11/23


So sorry to my fans for not posting a lot lately. It's been a bit of crazy. These songsshould relax all of you. 

A great song and dance. I've heard this one in a few different languages including Japanese. This video featuring the Karmon Israeli Singers and dancers.. song is Naama.

The song Naama has many dances to it and they are all fun. Just dont do all the dances at the same time in the same room. 

One more shared by friends. Eucalyptus grove. Another great oldie.

Now onto more info: its a work in progress and i still have more to do but has now been transferred. i had a few not so good issues, but i hope it gets better. doing a fun page / personal page in wordpress is challenging.  

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